What if Marley could have let his humans know what was going through his head?... Shilo does. Also, no sad endings in this book!

A woman reorganizing the files in her computer comes across a folder she doesn’t recognize – and discovers nearly two years’ worth of emails written by her four-year-old golden retriever, Shilo, to her sister’s Bichon Frise!

The resulting book, E-mails from Shilo, is a heartwarming & funny chronicle of how this newly-adopted, amiable, curious, but very confused dog makes sense of his place in a human world beset by such inexplicable phenomena as Christmas trees, swimming pools, and cats. Guided by his mentor Sammy, the wise basset hound next door who is an expert in wolf folklore and canine psychology, Shilo comes to understand the deeper significance of his love for his human family – and their love for him.

E-mails from Shilo is 92 printed pages of stories and photos certain to delight animal lovers of all ages. It is available also as an E-Book in PDF, MobiReader, eReader and Microsoft Reader formats.

A dog's quest to figure out most everything

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I "LOVED" this story. It was well written & reads very well. I found myself eager to read the next email/ experience. When I first told my husband about the idea, he rolled his eyes, but after I sat chuckling and laughing out loud, he started asking questions -next thing you know -he’s reading and laughing right along with me and enjoying every minute. It takes you through a range of emotions –but gently-no roller coaster. The pictures were priceless.
Karen D.

Pasadena, CA

You will never know how deeply this story touched me. I hope it will reach other readers like it did me.
Gail B.

Beverly Hills, CA

This book is a winner on multiple levels. It’s short, sweet, has lots of pictures, and makes for great repeat reading. The premise is clever and funny, and the book follows through with nice consistency.


Yet while it’s laugh-out-loud funny in some pages and humorous from start to finish, it has a gently serious side – and that’s a good thing. It’s why it would make an excellent gift for any true animal lover, child or adult. You find yourself examining your own expectations and motivations in everything from pets to friends to life in general. It makes you appreciate what may be going on in your dog or cat’s head (a cat named Harley is a main character, so it’s not just about dogs). I was surprised, then impressed, that Shilo even writes about the 9-11 terrorist attack and its affect on the people he loves. It’s done with such skill that it takes this book beyond “cute” and into the realm of “meaningful.”


Maybe the best thing about E-mails from Shilo is that it makes you really appreciate the power of love, be it human or of the four-footed variety.

Jan A.

Chino Hills, CA

Shilo is the deal
This is a wonderful, unique, heartfelt, funny, and moving read. I Loved it. Shiloh stays with me much. Highly recommend this book.
Joan S.

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